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Food Lovers Love The Danish Inn

Famous from coast to coast The Danish Inn is located a scenic 6 miles off the US Interstate 80 in Iowa. For more than 20 years, The Danish Inn has been a favorite for travelers and local patrons.
Friends relish the Danish specialties such as Frikadeller (Danish meat balls), Medisterpolse ( Danish sausage), Morbrad (Danish stuffed pork loin), Rodkal (Danish red cabbage) as well as American specialties such as Prime Rib, Fresh Crab Legs, Shrimp, BBQ ribs and much more.
Cuisine also includes Smorrebrod (open face Danish sandwiches) that are as attractive to see as they are scrumptious to eat. Plenty of homemade desserts and fresh baked pastries are available to finish off the dining experience in the relaxed casual atmosphere.
Save a little time so that you can enjoy the whole community of Elk Horn, built in strong Danish tradition and perpetually proud of its heritage. 

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