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A Danish Inn Kringle and pastries stay fresh for about seven (7) days. They contain only the finest natural ingredients with no preservatives added. They can be frozen for up to six (6) months. When ready to eat, just let them thaw to room temperature or warm up in the oven at 350 degrees for about six (6) minutes. If you wish to use the microwave, heat for only about 10 15 seconds depending on the power of your microwave. 


Kringle_200x150 Kringle is a light, flaky pastry usually filled with traditional almond filling. The pastry dough has many layers of butter and then is topped with almonds and sugar. We bake it to a golden brown in the traditional pretzel shape which is the Royal symbol for a bakery in Denmark. With a traditional recipe handed down and help from associates in Denmark, we have created this mouth-watering pastry baked fresh daily.
Danish Inn Kringle
Quantity: Price: $11.95

Kringle strips are made of the same pastry dough with which we make the traditional Kringle. The difference is that it is not in the traditional shape and can be more easily portioned out if cutting into serving pieces.
Although almond is the traditional filling for Kringle, we offer several different fruit flavors. When you order a fruit flavored Kringle, we always combine a layer of Almond filling with the fruit filling providing an especially rich, sweet, satisfying flavor.

Almond Cream Kringle Strip
Quantity: Price: $12.95

Fruit Filled Kringle Strip
Quantity: Price: $13.95

Danish letters are individual sized pastries filled with an abundance of almond filling. If you like almond flavor, youll love these flaky, delicious pastries. Traditional Danish Letters are in the shape of an S but our baker (Jacquelyn) likes to personalize them into the shape of a J.

2 Pack Danish Letters
Quantity: Price: $6.25

3 Pack Danish Letters
Quantity: Price: $9.25

Turnovers, fruit flips, bearclaws and stars are delicious flaky pastries filled with your choice of fruit or almond filling. Order one or an assortment of any number you wish. Each one is delicious and baked fresh for your order.

4 Pack Danish Pastries
Quantity: Price: $9.75



Just like full sized pastries these small turnovers, fruit flips, bearclaws and stars are delicious flaky pastries filled with delicious fruit or almond filling. Each pastry is about the size of a cookie. An order consists of one dozen (12) assorted flavor mini-pastries. Its difficult to eat just one of these bite size flaky, delicious pastries.

Assorted Mini-Pastries
Quantity: Price: $8.25

(photo coming soon)

These coffee cakes are made with only the finest ingredients layered with our own dough, filled with the fruit flavor filling of your choice and topped with our sweet streusel. Baked fresh to your order, they are wonderful when warmed and enjoyed with or without your morning coffee.

Coffee Cake
Quantity: Price: $8.95

danishcake1 Traditionally this cake is referred to as a Danish Wedding Cake but is used for any celebration when you would like an unusual presentation and a deliciously different kind of cake. The Kransekage is made with almond paste, sugar and just a few other ingredients to make firm concentric rings which are stacked, held in place and decorated with a sweet butter cream frosting. Traditionally, small Danish flags and flags of your country are placed randomly around the cake giving it a distinctly Danish decorative look. To protect and preserve the Kransekage rings, we ship the rings to be assembled at their destination. We include a container of butter cream frosting, small Danish and American flags, 3 dozen small Kransekage cookies and assembly instructions.

Quantity: Price: $85.00

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